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more kuroaya please—


more kuroaya please—

alvin/jude, long distance - for chels
"Long distance sucks," Alvin mutters, staring down the computer screen. He wants to kiss Jude’s cheeks, his lips, hell, his eyelids, he just wants to— to be there.

Jude offers him little more than a soft smile and a helpless shrug of his small shoulders.

"Yeah. It does. But we’ll make it work, right?" Jude murmurs, reassuring. Alvin responds with a nod, running a hand through his hair and tousling it, lips curved into a frown.

"Right. So, how many people do you have added on this Skype thing, anyway?"

Jude puts a finger to his lips in thought. “Let’s see… Well, there’s Leia, Elize—”

"Wait a second, Elize has a Skype? That little— she told me she didn’t!"

"Did she? I guess she wanted to keep it a secret. Anyway, Rowen, Gaius, Balan—"

Alvin cuts him off. Again. “Wow. So you have my own cousin added and I don’t.”

"He’s a colleague," Jude says simply.

"Then there’s everyone I work with along with my old professors, my mother, Leia’s second account that she’s been very clear is, in all capital letters, best friends only, and—"

"Alright. I get it. Yeesh," Alvin grumps, glaring. "I have a grand total of three. You, Yurgen, and Leia. And I’m assuming I don’t have Leia’s best friends only account, either. Her normal account.

"I never knew you were so sensitive." Jude doesn’t even bother stifling a giggle. "Does this bother you that much?"

"When did I say it bothered me? It’s no secret that you’re Mr. Popularity."

"I-I’m not…"

"Stop trying to be modest. Everyone loves you."

"Well," Jude starts, a glimmer in his eye. "Guess what?"


I love you.” And then, with a bright smile, he leans in toward his laptop screen to kiss the webcam. Alvin is blushing when he pulls back, Jude’s smile widening until he’s covering his mouth and bubbling with laughter.

"Are you really that flustered over a pretend kiss? Seriously, Alvin?"

"I’m not—"

"I know. I get it. You love me, too."

Well. Jude isn’t wrong.


I LOVE these characters

  • shannon kresnik: i had a dream that
  • shannon kresnik: alvin/jude drama cd was translated but
  • shannon kresnik: put into fe:a as dlc
  • shannon kresnik: and matt mercer dubbed alvin but
  • shannon kresnik: as chrom
  • chels: LFSKFSDGOA?!?!?
  • chels: WHTA
  • shannon kresnik: so it was chrom and robin as
  • shannon kresnik: alvin and jude
  • chels: L M F A O
  • chels: WHAT HTEU FUCK
  • chels: IM LAUGHING
  • shannon kresnik: i dont even know
  • chels: chrom would be a TERRIBLE voice actor first of all

by こま

by こま

by こま

by こま

by こま

by こま

by こま

by こま

[9:22:57 AM] chels: imagine edge maverick voicing alvin
[9:23:19 AM] chels: *voice cracks* jUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING